Goodness Me.

Ah Ha. Cracked it. Don’t ask because I have no idea. Something to do with Third Party Cookies. But since I don’t know what a Cookie is then Third Party of such is even more confusing. I shall put the success down to the stoicism of my youngest son who sat here for two very boring and painful hours.

So back to The Train Ride, if I can still remember.

This very ancient Diesel Train turned up in the middle of nowhere at St. Rivalain Gare and off we all went along The Vallée du Blavet. We didn’t see much of that due to encroaching undergrowth, but in the end that wasn’t what it was all about for me.

Pontivy Station is now looking good when it was very nearly falling into ruin a year ago and how sad was that. Rhetorical Question.

We spent two hours in some Green Church Yard having a picnic. Imagine the state of my back after that. But we did get stumbled upon by a rather drunken individual with a rather nice dog that was obviously well cared for.

Les Toilets were a bit of a problem but I went behind a tree in the end in desperation.

What sealed it for me was an entrepreneur who had the foresight to see what could be done. A very old train and several very old railway stations which all fell into disrepair many years ago.

The Train was full and picking up people all along the way. So either we are all mad or he took a chance.

The steps up to the train are pretty bloody awful from no platform but everyone got heaved up somehow.

There are some lovely houses in The Vallée du Blavet when you can see them and they were all out there waving as the train went past.

I have always been monetarily orientated but never so brave as he is. Which is why I was looking for that aspect. Who would do this and for why? I got my answer at least in part.

He was actually on the train and wearing a uniform, albeit in an understated fashion. I do so hope that he does this again next year. This is Community in the middle of nowhere.

2 Responses to “Goodness Me.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh yay! whoo whoo! we got the post at last! Well done. Clapping can be heard here…..

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Thank you, Liz. I was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. Nothing ever happens around here so The Train Ride was a bit special.

    En Y Var to Noel now

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