Not a subject to tackle with much humour, but I suppose that I can at least try.

Two years ago I was going to live to be at least 100, if not longer.  Lately I have only been banking on about two years, if even that long.  Covid?  I don’t know.  Is The New World Order trying to bump me off with supposition?  Could I possibly be that stupid?

I don’t actually believe in The New World Order.  There are far too many ordinary people out there who are going to say Bugger Off,  Although this doesn’t actually involve blocking Motor Ways or screeching for Insulation that they themselves don’t have and certainly can’t afford.  Presuming that anyone knows what The New World Order actually means.  But you may rest assured that it is something to do with the Leading Lights making loads of money.  Have a look at Gordon Brown who kicked this off in Britain.  Where is he now?  Almost forgotten.

I have long not needed loads of money.  I earned it when I needed to and then I stopped when I didn’t need it anymore.  And it was only ever in support of my children anyway.

No doubt you will all be delighted to hear that I am now back to 100 plus, so if any of you are feeling like shit then get over it.  It was only a minor blip.  Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

I have never worried about Planet Earth.  The one thing that Planet Earth doesn’t need is people.  And Planet Earth always knows when it is getting too much.

There might be something to be said for natural selection.  Some of us are born tougher than others.

The Electricity went down about an hour ago.  Do you think that someone might be out to get me?  My Computer will shut down shortly.  And I can’t even read a Book.  Where did I put those fucking Candles?

3 Responses to “Anxiety.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I too am going to live to 100 on my good days. I hope you’ll go on blogging till then!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Oh, you will, Liz. I am quite sure of that.

    No chance of me losing my marbles in the meantime. I might be a bit decrepit but the brain will go on.

    However, there is something o be said for talking a load of crap on occasions, presuming that anyone would know the difference. It could all depend on how thick they think I am.

    Blog On.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Well, it’s something to be said for talking a load of crap now, no one will put it down to Dementia later!

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