Hallo, Hallo.

Just been given my two 10 Euro Vouchers in leu of The Dinner for The Aged, which won’t be happening again this year. I mean is this for real?

How many communities do you all know that want to cook Dinner for The Aged and then give everyone 20 Euros when they can’t? This place is something else.

I bought a Leg of Lamb last year from the local Butcher, but nice though it was it was expensive. These vouchers have to be spent within the Local Community.

So this year I am going to spend it in The Local Shop. Melrand needs its Local Shop when we all inevitably run out of something or another. And can’t be asked to drive to the nearest SuperMarche. Asked, I said. Arsed was a bit funny for a while but not so much any more.

And I am now busy saving enough money for a new back door on my other house next door. In my world the pennies take care of the pounds.

The leaves and the rain will no longer be able to blow in and at least I will get to look at it as I go into my garden several times a day, not least to clean up the dog shit.

No one stands on the road outside their own front doors to look at the doors. That is a pleasure for someone else. Presuming that anyone is interested.

There have been so many innovations over the years with Plastic of some kind or another which I wasn’t having, so it took me a while. Yes it did cost more. But my new doors at least look as though they have always been there.

This is such an old house but somehow it still looks the same.

Indoors is still a wreck and ever might remain so. But it houses my conglomeration of only half decent antique furniture which I acquired for nothing much at all. Mostly abandoned in sheds and barns. How sad is that?

3 Responses to “Hallo, Hallo.”

  1. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    Not sad but thrifty, and a lot more fun than queuing in Ikea.

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Ah, but I liked it you see when everyone else though it was a pile of old rubbish. Beautiful old wood.
    My Mahogany round table never marks no matter what you stand on it. And I can still tell you where I found every abandoned piece.
    I can still remember think how could someone have abandoned this.

    Perhaps I am more of a “Things” person than a people person.
    Or more awful, a Dog person.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I think your rescued furniture idea is wonderful. Each piece has a story and they are all your friends. More people should do that.

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