Electric Sockets

France doesn’t have the same system as Angleterre. Every socket has to come direct from The Box, consequently no one has enough sockets because it’s too much like hard work and costs too much. So everyone buys those extension bars into which you can plug another six appliances. This involves bars and wires all over the place instead of all up the walls. Although I haven’t tripped over one yet. The French don’t do Ring Mains for some reason. I don’t know why.

I am watching The Madame Blanc Mysteries at the moment and they even had one in The Chateau. That made me laugh. Was it deliberate or was it for real? Quite possibly it was for real. Why should The Chateau be excluded? And did anyone else notice?

Six appliances to each socket, basically, but not all in use at the same time. Could it cause a problem if they are? Well, my switch has been known to trip and then I have to turn something off to use something else. But I can cope with that. And of course if the fridge and the freezers aren’t’ actually fridging or freezing at the time then it won’t happen.

I must tell Robin Dominic about this because he wouldn’t know what was going on and might call an electrician who would have a fit and possibly inform EDF. And we don’t want that.

Don’t ask how I worked it out. I can’t remember. Probably plain Logic. I’ve got a lot of that.

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