O’Conner Again.

At what time to feed the wretched Dog? It is dark now and can he tell the difference?

I think about it because I don’t want him to feel hungry, silly old me. But I am just the food provider, much as it grieves me to accept this. My dogs have always been my dogs, until this little shit.

But now he is besotted with Robin Dominic who never feeds him. Hear the car, go ape shit. Don’t try any other old Renault. O’Connor can tell the difference. He races from one door to another and then back again like a maniac.

There are at least three other Renaults around here, as there would be, but no chance of fooling O’Connor. Mind you, Robin Dominic pretends that he doesn’t care. But he is lying of course.

However, Robin Dominic is not a dog person, I know that. Possibly too many dogs when he was young and I treated them all like recalcitrant puppies and they all behaved. There are worse ways to bring up horrible children and horrible dogs. They are all the same in the end. And I had dogs before I had them.

I personally am incapable of living without a dog. I tried it once for six months and it was awful. I won’t be doing that again.

I doubt that O’Connor will out live me. But I would have another ghastly Dachshund in a heart beat. O’Connor is the sweetest dog that I have ever owned.

2 Responses to “O’Conner Again.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Aaaah, see! You really love him!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    What? What on earth gives you that idea. I don’t love dogs. I see to them. I take them on and then I care for them because I want to and because I need them to love me.

    Okay. The rotten little swine has snuck up on me somewhat when I wasn’t watching out, but if you think that I love him then you are more daft than I am. Ha Ha.

    He is a bloody horror story and dead lucky to still be alive. I spend most of my life these days mopping up Pee because he really doesn’t understand. That is just caring. Knowing that your horrible dog really doesn’t understand. That isn’t love. It’s just common sense. Which is much more pertinent.

    But do have a laugh.

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