Quince Jelly.


I have cracked it now, although it did take a while. How to turn horrible hard green pear shaped things into a glorious coral coloured jelly.

I personally never eat it. Much too sweet for me. But I’ve got a bit of the pulp in the freezer for Stuffing come Christmas. Google.

Basically you just have to a bit more than simmer it but not actually boil it, otherwise it will all finish up plastered all over the cooker when it explodes. So you have to watch it for every second. This is the really boring bit.

I don’t have a thermometer which means that I have to guess.

It takes about five Quinces for just one jar. But oh the glory when it comes to good.

What is a Quince? The Owl and The Pussy Cat and Runcible Spoons. I have no idea about Runcible Spoons either.

I only do this for fun and because I can.

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