No Title.

I am not feeling good at the moment. But Full Moon coming up again so I expect to feel better next week. Jesus, do me a favour.

I have eviscerated every frightfully expensive pot in the garden, smashed every inch of soil into submission and now I am going to plant hundreds of bulbs.

Unfortunately I don’t know what most of them are. It doesn’t actually say on the Packet. You think you bought Crocuses. You could be wrong.

My friend Kate ordered them for me. But she was up the road a bit and doing this menagerie thing at the time so who knows.

She was looking after all sorts. Hundreds of Ducks, no really.. And some chickens, but I only got off on The Cockerels. Bloody beautiful they are. Really splendid.

The Ducks were bit of a problem since they are all the same colour so who the fuck knows who was responsible for that. Quite possibly all of them.

Six dogs. But I only want to talk about the House Dogs . One very fat Pug. One Pale Grey Yorkshire Terrier. Really nice. And one Jack Russel. All smashing. And all really nice. Too nice for comfort. I haven’t held a Pug for a while, but she felt so much the the same as Charlotte.

Oh and a Goat. Probably a Male because he stinks, but then male goats always do.

But my Piece de Resistance was this one glorious Black, Shinney Bantom Cock. Strutting around in the middle of this melee. He knows who he is and you could never miss that one.

Altogether a thoroughly lovely experience.

I shall have to deal with the Bulbs as they grow. But all flowers are good.

The middle of November now so only about twelve weeks before the start of Spring. Isn’t that nice. I am so very fortunate.

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