Mummy Mummy. Whaty Whaty

A very long time ago. But for now these peculiar French people are trying to sell me something. Or my son actually.

The French tend to get things arse about face. My birth name is now Maureen. That is my surname. And so as long as I sign that then no problem. The Mitchell and The Eccles and The Lang mean nothing. I am Maureen. How could you have done this to me Mother. Maureen is too much bloody Irish even for me.

Eleanor is unfortunately a bit too Welsh as well. Who on earth was I supposed to be?

I settled for Mitch in the end. All Mitchells are Mitch. But you need to be a Mitchell to understand that.

The Mitchells are ape shit serious. Really nice people. It is in the blood and the bones. And so we really don’t understand unkindness. But we fight it when we see it.

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