Okay.  Dinner is on the go, most of the effort having been put in last evening.  I never drink on Christmas Eve and followed this time worn habit.  I am one of life’s great planners and you need your wits about you.  Anyone else would probably chuck it all together and then chuck it in the oven and then come up with the same result.  But for me the pleasure is in the planning.

This Blog is beginning to look really boring, although quite possibly my Blogs often are.  But then I only do this for me.

I am doing Pigs in Blankets for the first time ever but with that ghastly French Black Sausage which always goes to slop.  I don’t have any of the other kind of sausage so I am hoping that the bacon will keep them all together.
The Stuffing is as ever something else and never tastes the same twice.  And I threw in some Quince Pulp after I achieved one jar of Splendid Quince Jelly, yet again.  One only I mean.  I have since given that one away.  But then I only make that because I can nowadays and the colour of it delights me.

I am leaving the roast potatoes to Robin Dominic.  Dear of him.  He is still sober for now.
I did get some really nice Christmas Presents, mostly practical apart from one which I had nearly forgotten about the liking of.  Somedebody remembered.  The rest are great as well.
Four new cushions for my now very battered Antique Dinning Chairs, mostly chewed by various dogs, but not ever by O’Connor.  And he hasn’t ever chewed my Antique Table Feet either.  He missed a trick there.  But probably too busy wrecking my lawn.

The Feast of Stephen.

I survived Christmas Dinner, but only barely.
The Pie Meat is in the fridge and The Stew is on top of the wood burner.  One spare dish of Stuffing in the freezer. And the dog got fed.  This has turned into a really cheap Capon.  I only discovered Capons last year and how nice they are.
I made far too many Bloody Mary’s in a big jug..  I didn’t drink any of them but they have all vanished.  Robin Dominic is comatosed of the sofa.

I shall now return to my current nervous breakdown and hope that New Years Eve somehow escapes me.

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