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Broad Beans.

January 30, 2022

Dear God, I must be desperate. However, I weeded and dug over twelve large pots today. Three seeds to go into each pot. I grow vegetables in pots because I don’t have enough space. And because of the dearly loved Dachshund. I can hardly bear to think of what he would do to a vegetable patch. Or of what I might be tempted to do to him.

I grow Broad Beans because they are so easy. They are impervious to frost and the slugs and snails don’t like them. I never kill slugs and snails. Slugs and Snails Lives Matter. And besides that, poisoned slugs and snails kill Birds. I used to chuck them over the garden wall along with the odd Hedgehog, but I can’t do that anymore because someone is living there now.

I quite like Hedgehogs but various dogs used to bring them into the house and Hedgehog Fleas are seriously not funny. You will have to trust me on that one. Unless you want to try it of course.

Tis coming up Full Moon in about two weeks, so I will plant them this coming weekend, hopefully, unless it is pissing down again, but they have to go in before Full Moon. Something to do with gravity although I’m not sure about why. However, it does work. Breton Farmers swear by it and they know a lot more about it than I do. It’s all on Google if you are interested.

Oh, I’ve got One Crocus in bloom. Yellow and very pretty. But it’s an old one and not part of my latest grand input. 150 of them. The new lot are doing okay. Green shoots all over the place. In pots of course. O’Connor isn’t known for his appreciation of flowers either.

It will all be quite lovely in a minute.

Fire Fire Fire.

January 13, 2022

Blimmin ‘eck. The roof of a house just up the road from me has just caught fire with flames leaping out all over the place.  I know I was in need of a bit of excitement but I wouldn’t have wanted to go this far.

Three fire engines which I didn’t even hear coming.  Silent as the grave they are.  The dog went apeshit, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.  I thought he had got his head stuck in a hole in his blanket again so I got up to rescue him.  

Then the electricity went off.  They’ve got a ladder up and didn’t want the firemen to be electrocuted apparently.  Robin Dominic was a fireman in England so he knows all about this sort of stuff.  I think he wanted to join in but I don’t suppose they would let him. Thank God.  This is seriously not funny.  It’s the only fire I have ever seen and it was fierce.

Probably a chimney fire.  A timely warning to some, although we had ours swept not long ago.  The Insurance is invalid if you don’t do that regularly.

I don’t suppose I will know much more until tomorrow morning now, but I doubt that anyone will have been hurt as it was all in the roof.

O’Connor is now locked in the house to stop him barking in the garden for half the night.  Not good for me indoors.  He is down stairs crying.  It is pitiful.   I have never heard him cry like this before.   Although I don’t think it is much to do with him wanting to go outside for a pee.  No such hope.  I ought to laugh, but I can’t.  Poor little soul.  He doesn’t understand.  But then there is quite a lot that he doesn’t understand.  Therein lies his charm.


January 1, 2022

I’ve written it for the first time. Let’s hope I remember from now on.

As usual, I was sound asleep by 10pm.

I ate a lot of leftovers yesterday but I did get the extra 100 Euros deducted from my electricity bill and given to the poor in France. What’s not to like about France. I hope Macron gets in again. He has done way less damage than some of them in the past, although the 100 Euros doesn’t have much to do with my thoughts on the subject.

It isn’t actually raining today, so far. That makes a nice change.

I don’t have any plans for today beyond the usual chores, which I have already done. But you already know about those. However, there was an unusual amount of pee to mop up. Dear of him. He would be trying to peel the cat. If he had half a chance. This derives from a very old Cornish expression. And O’Connor does like cats.

I am trying to psyche myself up to watch A Very British Scandal but I’m not sure if I can handle the sex scenes. I’m a bit of a prissy arse as it happens. This makes any TV Viewing very difficult these days. I am currently watching The Royal. Without an S. Sex or otherwise. Not much sex in that.

So as you can see, it really is all frightfully boring

A very Happy New Year to you all. And to Me. Thank God for a sense of humour is allI can say.