I bought three Tomato Plants yesterday. As ever, hope springs eternal. I haven’t produced a half decent Tomato in many a long year, although I did once upon a time. Most of them finish up in Green Tomato Chutney these days.

Tomato Blight. I don’t know why. I have changed the soil many a time. Perhaps it is in the air. But if you catch them quick enough then you can cut off the bad bits. I am currently giving away Green Tomato Chutney. But as usual I will try again.

The Broad Beans are coming along. I might get enough to actually eat this year, instead of just enough to plant again next year. What a laugh. But it’s about growing things you see.

I am much better at Flowers. Fat lot of good they are when it comes to self survival.

The Camillia is on it’s last legs for this year, but the Lilac is on the up, along with the Roses. I cut flowers for the house because I like to see them indoors.

The interminable Weed that calls itself Wisteria, having been nearly destroyed yet again, is also doing well. It is indestructible. Flower Buds already. Beautiful for three weeks and then fight off the tendrils if you ever dare to walk past it for the rest of the year. The only thing to be said for it is that I grew it myself from seed. Three of them actually. My advice is Don’t.

The Hydrangeas are another thing all together. The more you cut them back then the higher they grow. So one year Flowers and the next year No Flowers. This is a Flower Year and I might be thankful for that. They are already topping a six foot wall. But once leafing they do cover the shite of O’Connor’s digging in his attempts to escape.

The Plum Tree continues to Not Plum. That one is going to have to go. I’ve told it already, many times but it just isn’t listening. It could well fuel a couple of fires in the Wood Burner. So nothing lost.

I think that the ElderBerry Tree might be on it’s road to nowhere. I have never once felt like making Elder Berry Wine. I mean, who would? Join the wood pile. Get out of the way and bring some sunshine into my garden in the places where the sun don’t shine.

Too many years of growing stuff that doesn’t matter, just for the sake of doing so.

Best to leave me to Tomatoes.

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