No sooner does one Bus come along……… We have all heard that one before. I meant Blogs, of course.

We don’t get Busses here. I haven’t seen a Bus in thirty years. God only knows what Marine Le Penn is going to do about that. Probably Bus all of us ExPats to Ruwanda along with all of the other immigrants that no one wants. I mean, let’s face. I am an immigrant. Does that make me an Immigrant to The UK as well? I can only hope so.

Do me a favour. Back to UK? I would rather go to Ruwanda. At least it gets a bit hot there now and again

In the meantime The Guillotine looms. Oh Really? No such thing even exists anymore. I think I just felt sick even thinking about it.

She has definitely lost the plot on that one. Phew. Thank God for that. I did suspect that she might have half a chance for a minute. You never can tell with The French. They are all as mad as a box of Frogs.

Oh God, I spat my mouth full of Tea when I wrote that. Presuming you all think I am actually drinking Tea of course. Try getting Tea Bags. Gin is cheaper and far more readily available.

However, back to everyday life in France. I doubt that it will matter who ever wins. But at least Macron has never shamed himself.. Unlike most of them before him. Think on that before Britain wants to do the same. I like living here.

Full Moon tomorrow night. Always a bad one for me. But of course there is always Easter. The first Sunday after Full Moon. Although what on earth that has got to do with Jesus Christ completely defeats me. Especially as His death seems to vary somewhat. And they want me to believe this shit?

I am so sorry if I have offended anyone, but a least let us be logical.

You can’t take the death of Jesus and then make it happen when it suits you, according to The Full Moon.

I do believe that Jesus existed, although just how raving nuts he was might come into question. Whatever he thought he might be trying to do obviously didn’t work.

I might be a Pagan, but I don’t know what that means, beyond The Moon. The Moon is all that I understand. Three weeks of being absolutely all together. And then one week of being utterly useless and fit for nothing. It will pass yet again tomorrow night. It just happens to be happening right now.

Right now I was never fit for anything. I was always a complete waste of space and never fit for anything at all. Next week I will be bloody marvellous again. I hope.

Okay. Enough of this shit. This isn’t something that I actually want to talk about. But it happens. And probably not only to me.

2 Responses to “Buses?”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    The old name for mad people was lunatic because of what our ancestors observed that people were affected by the moon. But of course, modern science poo-poos the idea, showing who the real lunatics are!

    Our Mother Superior at the convent school I went to, had real green fingers. She always planted by the moon.

    About Jesus, he taught some really good stuff, it’s the Church that ruined it!

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Lunatic. French, of course. But there you go.

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