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August 19, 2022

Health Assurance Assistance Appeal.

I won. But there were a few too many, “Vous n’avez pas” in there for me to work out for why. And who cares anyway. Rhetorical Question.

This, as I expected was very much a case of, “Don’t ask Don’t get. Although I am only saving 37 Euros a month. But that will help to pay for a couple of new doors in the fullness of time. The Windows are going to have to wait.

I was a bit thrown by the new Front Doors. They are not quite the same as they ever were for thirty years, but they have grown on me. And I do still have my Stable Door to my particuliar residence. This is so important to a North Facing house where in light is all if you want to stay half sane.

Thanks to Myster I now know that I can go into an Old People’s Home for free if I have No Money, so best to get my savings spent. Robin Dominic is already looking at options. Dear of him. There is quite a nice one just up the road a bit. But I am not going anywhere until The Rotten Little Pisser is dead. And that won’t be anytime soon because I’m not having it.

O’Connor might have a bit of a problem with one of the next new doors. It will have a Dog Flap, so he won’t be able to bull doze through it as he does now with the filthy curtain, which has often been peed upon. O’Connor is definitely insane. And such a joy to me. I think I might have earned this one from such a lot of lovely dogs.

I know now that there will never be another Hamlet. But I did once own one.

And The Sun Also Rises.

It’s That Time Again.

August 5, 2022

Marrows. Oh My God. Coming at me from all sides. Although all donated with kindness, no doubt. I have Nine at the moment. I have never managed to work out what The French do with Marrows. Except giving them to me.

I cut off my Marrows while they are still Courgettes. At least I can freeze them and then fry them in Butter and Garlic later and forever. Not that this does all that much for Courgettes, but I do like Garlic.

Do you know that there was a time when I didn’t know that a Courgette is a baby Marrow. Is this cruel, do you think?

Also loads of Tomatoes, also donated. All in the freezer now for the next couple or ten Stews.

Meanwhile, Robin Dominic is down in Bordeaux on a road trip, leaving O’Connor to look after me. Poor little soul. He does his best. O’Connor I mean. But he barks a lot, fit to scare anyone.

Unfortunately I forgot to ask Robin Dominic to visit a couple of vineyards to see if he could find some half decent White Wine. I have finally flipped over and now wouldn’t drink Red Wine if you paid me. This is inevitable, apparently. And a good way to go.

Robin Dominic phoned this morning to see if I am still alive. God knows what he would have done if the dog had answered. He is not impressed by the traffic in Bordeaux. French drivers are all mad and the more the madder.

Any suggestions on what to do with Marrows that don’t involve Jam or Pickle?