Confit de Canard.

My Christmas Dinner this year. Legs of Ducks cooked very slowly in Goose Grease and then stuffed in a can. About 12 Euros a can. Worth every penny and that’s just The Goose Grease. The Duck’s Legs are a bonus.

You can buy this in Britain but it is much more expensive. This depends on how much you want to pay for Goose Grease.

You stick it under the grill for about fifteen minutes while the sprouts cook. I don’t eat roast potatoes anymore because they make me ill.

Meanwhile, Robin Dominic can get drunk on more Bloody Mary’s somewhere else, after I have endeavoured to keep him relatively sober with bits and pieces of snacks. I make the Bloody Mary’s in our house.

There is something to be said for eating Christmas Dinner alone and I am well versed in that having done it for many a long year. I did so miss all of my sons but you get used to that. I chose to bog off to France, which just happens to have been the best thing that I ever did, albeit in extremity.

Such fun I had clearing Chicken Sheds in the middle of the night when I was very broke. No really, I really did. I used to think, “What the fuck am I doing”. And then I would laugh. I mean, let’s face it, it was funny.

So onwards and upwards to another good Christmas.


4 Responses to “Confit de Canard.”

  1. Grandad Says:

    Ah Confit de Canard! One of my fondest memories of France is sitting out in the middle of Sarlat with a plate of Confit de Canard [avec frites] on a warm September afternoon. Unavailable in Ireland, of course.

    Incidentally, I have a wife called O’Connor. Is she related to your dog?

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    If your wife is as much loved as my ghastly Dachshund then she is a very lucky woman, Grandad. Pissing on the floor notwithstanding. And me being Irish.
    God knows why his French breeder called him O’Connor but I guess they ran out of names beginning with “O”.

  3. Grandad Says:

    The similarities are somewhat unnerving. Definitely related…

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    Oh Dear, but never mind. There is a lot to be said for unconditional love. And it’s not raining at the moment. And a stone floor is always good.

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