A Passing Thought.

The Winter Solstice is playing up. Two days ago it was still night time here at 9am. Since when daylight has appeared a good ten minutes earlier by the day, so far. So The Winter Solstice happened on the 19th of December, at least in Lann Georges. But then this sort of thing ever was a matter of opinion I suspect.

This poses a question. How did The Ancients get to decide on when to thaw out those Mammoth Steaks? This could have caused a few problems. They might even have missed The Solstice altogether, unless they had someone like me watching out for it. Someone with nothing better to do mayhap.

The Winter Solstice is very important to me and I need to know when it is happening, otherwise what is the point? And for how long has this been going on? Me psyched up for the 21st and I bloody well missed it.

However, this is going to take some time, like a year or ten. Yet again another reason to stay alive. I have long known that I can’t beat Planet Earth but I do try to stay in tune somewhat, which is about the best you can do for such a glorious thing.

Happy Christ Mass to you all. And may your Gods go with you. My God is The Universe.


One Response to “A Passing Thought.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you.

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