Something innocuous.  Oh really.  For years and years I have chucked bottles in the glass bin and paper in the paper bin, but that isn’t good enough anymore.  They now want me to sort plastic.  Not all plastic because some plastic isn’t good enough and I am supposed to know the difference?  Bugger that one.

Tins?  The only thing I thought was worth recycling has never been mentioned.  There has never been a Tin Bin.  But nowadays I am supposed to put Tins in with the Plastic?  They sent me this leaflet with pictures of nothing that looks like anything.   How does this compute?  How does one tell the difference?

But I’ll tell you what, we now have to have a card to dump the absolute crap, so are they threatening me with rubbish malfeasance?  Are they going to rifle though my absolute crap and catch me out with a plastic container full of Dog Crap?  That might be fun for somedebody.  We don’t have Dog Crap Bins.  Why not?  So I have to put it somewhere.

I amn’t putting it down the Fosse Septique.  That one has enough of a problem coping with human shit, although perhaps not such a problem as one might suppose.  You have to know what you are talking about.  And `i am not convinced that Dog Shit is the same as Human Shit.


Liz.  Your Comments are closed again.  I sent you an email, but perhaps you didn’t get it.

3 Responses to “Recycling”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Ok, will check it out. Thanks…

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    This garbage thing is truly confusing. We have plastic plus tins, kitchen waste ( includes dog poo in our house) and garden waste, and bottles. Other people have paper waste too, but I don’t know what happened to OUR bag. We have bags, boxes and bins.

    About dog poo. In the last village we lived in, I had a woman challenge me that I must not just sling dog poo in any old bin. I must use the bin for dog poo. I’d never heard of that. Indeed there was a dog poo bin, ONE. It stood it the cemetery miles away!

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    It might help if someone told me what I should do with dog shit.

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