You can’t actually write about Distress on a Blog, can you. Rhetorical Question.

Especially when you don’t even know why you are distressed and so have no means by which to explain.

Everything is awful? No, that won’t do. I only ever have a problem at Full Moon and I am well able to cope with that. But that is past, at least for a while.

And what is Everything? I don’t even know what this means. Nothing is ever Everything.

It can’t possibly this horrible Virus, can it? I have about a Nil chance of catching that, so why would I have just about given up the ghost?

I am permanently moribund these days and often can’t even be asked to get out of bed, beyond feeding The Dog, The Cat and The Birds. Oh, and picking up The Dog Shit. Rotten little shit. He shits a lot. If I can’t find at least three then there must be some of them lurking in the house which I am going to stand on eventually.

So I stay in bed and say horrible things to people who say horrible things to me on this misbegotten Forum which makes no sense to me at all. But at least I am articulate and don’t have a problem with Grammar. I know the difference between, well, whatever. Is that a Win? Probably not. Besides, it is considered to be frightfully bad manners to point out Bad Grammar. God knows why. I mean, kill the barstards. Why not? They don’t play fair, so why should I? But I don’t have an answer to that. Probably something to do with all things being equal eventually.

One Response to “Distress.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think its called depression. DEPRESSION. Its really commen in old people who are dealing with bodies that don’t do stuff well anymore. Staying in bed is a nicer option. Just getting dressed can be a bother, or preparing food, or getting to the loo. The worst thing that can cause depression, is alcohol and sugar. Thats a bitch because they are both nice. So sorry you are feeling distressed.

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