What? I don’t really know what to say. I never go anywhere these days, but then I never have for quite some time. So Covid is a mercy for me.

I do have to tell all you that my most beloved first born told me that he is going to die young because his father did. So I told him that he has a very tough old mother. This was misogyny in the most awful way. How could he so easily discard who I am? Celt to the core. What did I do or not that he failed to notice?

Anyway, I told him that he is definitely not dying before I do because I’m not having it. I haven’t heard from him since. That is probably the real joke. Who are these dreadful children?

So hopefully Simon is coming to terms with living long. It ain’t that bad Our Kid.

As it happens my daughters in law don’t like me all that much. But that is their problem. I lost my sons a very long time ago. This is the way of The World. But The Celt goes on in all of my grandchildren. No one dies until they are at least 95 years old and no one loses their marbles in the meantime. This is who The Mitchells are.

The Mitchells are a strange breed. Southern Ireland to the core, but as hard as nails when push comes to shove. Mostly kind, but don’t push it. We are lethal if you do.

And Covid is not a problem. It’s Omikron by the way. At least get that one right.

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